Becoming a Vendor

So How Does It All Work?

Becoming a participating vendor is easy and, more importantly, FREE! (Yes, we said free! Our clients pay us to provide these discounts to their employees or members, so we don’t have to charge you a dime.)

  • To get started, you simply have to agree to offer our members some sort of discount that isn’t available to the general public. That discount is otherwise up to you and can be changed whenever you’d like!
  • Next, you decide how members will redeem the discount offer. We are flexible when it comes to how members redeem discounts, so vendors can opt for any of the following options:
    • Applying discounts to purchases made on-site when members show their printable proof of membership
    • Creating a custom coupon that members can print and present when visiting your business
    • Establishing an online discount code that members can use for purchases or reservations online
    • Establishing a promo code to that members can give when making reservations or purchases over the phone or via email

Please note that vendors must choose one method for redeeming savings. Database restrictions, as well as our desire to keep utilization as clear and simple as possible, keep us from being able to instruct members to follow more than one of the procedures listed above.

  • You’ll enter that discount and other basic information into our ARM Vendor Application. We review it to make sure we have the information that we need.
  • We enter everything into our database and your listing goes live on our program websites! This usually happens within about a week of you submitting your application.

Important to note:

  • Our agreements are open-ended; we won’t change anything about your listing until you tell us to. (That being said, if YOU require us to complete an agreement each year to keep discounts active, we gladly will! We just need to know when agreements/contracts will need to be renewed.)
  • Changing discounts or anything about your listing is easy; just email us at or call us at 503.477.5571. We can have changes posted to our sites within a week.