ARM Vendor Application

ARM Vendor Application

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    The parties in this Agreement to Provide Benefit Services (the "Agreement") are as follows:

    8201 SE 17th Ave., Ste. 200 Portland, OR. 97202


    Vendor (Your Company)

    A.) ARM has developed personalized wellness programs. The programs are sold to companies and corporations who enroll their employees into the program. ARM makes the benefits (as defined below) available to all "Members" of these wellness programs. ARM will provide the Members with an active business listing of all Benefit Providers to include: business name, address, phone number, website, description, instructions for members on how to access the benefits and the discounts and benefits offered to members.

    B.) It is anticipated that the Vendor will receive an increase in consumer traffic through their affiliation with the program and develop customers and clients for life. It is critical to the success of the program and the relationship between ARM and their corporate clients that the Vendor provides quality service to the Members, and make sure that all Vendor employees are familiar with the benefits and discounts offered to members.

  • 1.) Term of Agreement: This Agreement shall begin on today's date. This agreement is valid for one year and will be extended indefinitely for consecutive one year periods. Termination will occur by either party giving written notice of the intended termination. Once it has received termination instructions, ARM will have seven (7) business days to remove discount information from its website.

    Vendors must offer pricing lower than rates offered to the general public, but may otherwise update discount offers at any time by contacting ARM representatives and notifying them of desired changes. ARM asks that Vendors keep ARM current regarding changes in ARM contact personnel, as well as to the Vendor’s business location, phone, website and discount pricing.

    2.) Independent Contractor Status: The Vendor is independent of ARM. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create a relation of employer and employee between ARM and the Vendor. In addition, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create a partnership relation.

    3.) Obligations of the Vendor: The Vendor shall provide the following services (the "Benefits") to all members at all times during the term of this Agreement:

    • A. Provide Benefits as stated in the contract.
    • B. Receive all money directly from Members. The Vendor shall be responsible for all agreements by and between the Members and the Vendor.
    • C. Educate all employees about the program and the agreed upon Benefits. It is important that all employees of the Vendor be knowledgeable about the Program and the Discounts offered.
    • D. Recognize all valid forms of member identification including promo codes and printed certificates. It shall be the responsibility of the Vendor to verify through photographic identification that the holder of the printed certificate is the authorized member.

    4.) Obligations of ARM:

    • A. The Vendor's name, location, phone number, website address, business description and Benefit listed in all appropriate printed and electronic marketing materials.
    • B. Business listings on all program websites with complimentary site links.
    • C. Event listings on all program sites for all events available to members at a reduced rate.
    • D. A toll-free customer service telephone number for questions.
    • E. Distribution of Vendor created marketing materials onsite during client visits.
    • F. Complimentary Program memberships to employees of the Vendor free of charge.
    • 5.) Indemnification: The Vendor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless ARM, its officers, directors, members, employees, agents, all clients and members, from and against any and all claims or legal fees arising from or in connection with any negligent act or omissions, participant injury or any wrongful conduct relating to the program or arising out of or in connection with any dealings between the Vendor and Members or potential Members, or this agreement.

      By checking the box below, you agree to the terms of this agreement.

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Part 1: Contact Information

  • Please enter your contact information in the following fields so that Absolute Recreation Management can contact you. This information will be used internally. You will have the opportunity to list business location(s) information in the next section of the application.
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Part 2: Description & Discount

  • Please use the following fields to describe the discount(s) and/or special offers you will to extend to program members.

    You can offer members any discount / special offer as long as it is different than any promotion you make available to the general public. When entering discounted rates, please include regular rates and/or the total savings amount so that ARM can best promote your business. ARM reserves the right to reformat your wording so that it fits within our program style guide.

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Part 3: Location Information

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Part 4: Redemption Procedures

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Part 5: Business Logo & Images

  • A few things to note:

      1. There is a 20MB maximum file size limit for logos and images combined. Any attachments exceeding the combined 20MB limit will be dropped from the application before it is submitted.
      2. Please ensure that logos are square, if possible, and at least 400 x 400 pixels on a white or transparent background.
      3. Please ensure that images are in landscape orientation and at least 750 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Each vendor listing can have up to 6 images.

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