Update My Listing

Update My Listing

  • Please enter your contact information in the following fields. This information will be used internally. You will have the opportunity to list business location(s) information in the next section.
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Part 2: Description & Discount

  • Please use the following fields to describe the discount(s) and/or special offers you will extend to program members.

    Vendors can offer members any discount / special offer as long as it is different than a promotion you you offer to the general public. When entering discounted rates, please include regular rates and/or the total savings amount so that ARM can best promote your business.

    ARM reserves the right to reformat your wording so that it fits within our program style guide and voice.

    Please note that each benefit line cannot contain more than 255 characters including space and punctuation.

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Part 3: Location Information

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Part 4: Logos & Photos



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