Image Submission Guidelines

General Rules for Images

  • Don’t add text or logos over images.
  • Photos only — Don’t use logos, illustrations, cartoons or ‘clip art’ for images.
  • No ‘isolated’ product images, with white (or other solid colored) backgrounds.
  • Don’t apply effects, overlays, gradients, watermarks, borders or filters to images that make the image appear manipulated.
  • Image collages or composite images are not acceptable, as they typically appear cluttered, and lack focus.
  • Image sizing attributes: please ensure that images are in landscape orientation and at least 750 pixels wide by 578 pixels high.
  • Logos are square, if possible, and at least 400 x 400 pixels on a white or transparent background.


  • Any photos or graphics used in a Web page are subject to copyright and must be cleared for copyright before being published to production Web sites.
  • Actual persons or properties represented in any photo should be cleared using a Photo Release form.

Image Choices

  • Head shots don’t fit the design aesthetic of our site, please select engaging photos of your clients, or your facility.
  • Quality photos of actual vendors and other community members are preferable to stock photos.
  • Choose dynamic, active images over staged images.
  • Avoid the obvious and the cliché; we want engaging imagery that captures attention and interest.
  • Colors should be vibrant.

Image Subject

  • Subject should always be in focus.
  • Ideally, high contrast between subject and background (whenever possible, select images where subject is in focus and background is out of focus).
  • Subjects shouldn’t make direct eye contact with the camera.

Image Editing

  • Crop the image to highlight the relevant subject.
  • Images should (whenever possible) adhere to the rule of thirds. (Crop carefully).
  • Digital images and graphics should retain the proportions of the original as closely as possible. Images should not be stretched vertically or horizontally.

Here’s a sneak peek of how we expect to use your logo and images

Tile - logo – Vendor preview page

Hero – Vendor detail page