Marketing Guidelines

7 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your ARM Participation

Vendors ask us regularly about how they can maximize the promotional opportunities available through ARM, so we thought we’d list out some of the best ways to make our members aware of discount offers!

  1. Provide us with your promotional materials. This is especially important during late summer and throughout autumn, as we are on-site at several client events from August – November! This is our chance to chat with members face-to-face about the program and provide them with information on YOUR business, so help us help you! Brochures, flyers, swag…our members gobble it all up, so send it over!
  2. Provide us with door prizes. We bring door prizes from vendors to many of the events that we attend. Gift certificates, T-shirts, goodie bags, Vendors who contribute door prizes are usually featured during event promotion and the events themselves.
  3. Attend ARM events. Our vendors regularly ask how they can get in front of our members. ARM often helps organize events on-site at client facilities, and when those clients give us the green light to invite vendors, we gladly jump at the chance!  How will you know when these opportunities arise? Just check your email. We always send out invitations to events via email blasts, which brings us to our next point…
  4. Please keep an eye on all emails from! We can’t stress this enough. We send a monthly newsletter to members at the beginning of each month that you are copied on, and any other emails from us are generally sent to notify you of promotional opportunities. Email blasts are best way for us to keep all of our beloved vendors up-to-speed, so please make sure to at least scroll through any emails that we send your way.
  5. Offer to contribute a Trivia prize for our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we cover a number of topics throughout the year. All of our newsletters are viewed by thousands of member eyes, and vendors often see an increase in utilization.
  6. Get a social networking shout-out! We’re happy to post a little something about your business, discount offer or any other specials you are running on Facebook and Twitter! Just let us know if and when you’d like us to do so and we will add you to our list of vendors to mention on our social networking sites.  And if you haven’t yet, like us or follow us on either of those sites to stay connected!
  7. Lastly, please help us keep your listing up to date! Between our client events and employee fitness challenges, we are seeing more website traffic than ever before in program history! It is imperative that we are promoting your discount and business information correctly to our members.  The last thing we want is confusion for our members or your staff, so please keep us posted on any changes to your business, and feel free to update your discount whenever you’d like! Also, it’s tough for us to make you aware of promotional opportunities if we have outdated contact information, so please let us know if you change your email address or phone number.